Thursday, September 27, 2012

Weather Station and Plants

If anyone knows Dan really well you will find that he loves knowing and watching the weather.  We bought a weather station the other day.  It has multiple functions.  It reads indoor/outdoor temp and humidity, average wind speed, wind gust speed, rain gage, wind direction, barometric pressure, relative and absolute air pressure, inches of mercury, and also shows a tendency which is similar to a forcast based on weather conditions.  The weather station is powered by a solar cell and wirelessly broadcasts to our indoor touch screen digital display.  We combine our weather station with a software program called cumulus.  It stores and graphs a lot more information.  It updates to the internet every second using "rapid fire" technology.  And is compatible with NOAA,, weather underground, weatherbug, and any other weather site.  I have added a gadget to the side of my blog that will allow you to see our current conditions at all times.  By clicking on the weather gadget it will bring you to our weather underground page that includes 10 day local forcasts and other information.  You can also have this weather gadget on your desktop and to do that just click "make this station a sticker" on our weather underground page.
Today we gathered up plants that we like and put them in places where we thought they'd look good. 



  1. Amazing! Your own weather station. How great this is! And your own weather underground page. I am envious. Seriously.

  2. If you don't mind me asking what does a station like that cost?

    First plant looks like an efedra plant. The needles can be boiled to make a tea out of. Said to be good for the respiratory system and defects something like speed..

  3. BTW checked your station and the wind hasn't hit there yet. It probably will because its windy as heck here. (out of the north.)

  4. i. seems a really cool place. and hope yhe only power source there might be wind or solar.thanks for sharing such interesting post.

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  5. Dan and Jessica, that is an awesome weather station! Can you provide some info on make/manufacturer?

    When Marilynn and I were out there in September we relocated a few cacti to a little garden we are working on out there, what kind of plant is the top one?


  6. Qkid, since you probably won't get an answer from Jess:

    I'm 99.9% sure the top picture is ephedra I miss spelled it in the first post. as far as the weather station goes it looks like a La Crosse WS-2810 Weather Pro Center: Wind - Rain - Weather - PC Software

    $169.05 on

  7. Didn't John get someone to bring him a weather station for free? Like Weatherbug or one of those? I know a couple of areas out here have weatherbug stations that were given to them for free.

    Either way... VERY cool stuff. This is what we cannot wait to dive into when we get down! Every day is a fun day!

    Chris Miller - One Family's Journey To Finding True Happiness

  8. TffnGuy, you're right. The top pic is an ephedra plant, used to make "Mormon Tea". The second pic looks like a Desert Willow tree. It gets beautiful purple/magenta blooms in the summer.

    The weather station is awesome for the price! I want one!