Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mountain Lion Activity and House Progress

A few nights ago Dan wasn't home and I was out with our dog Marley collecting stone in our arroyo.  I was singing songs and I got a weird feeling that I was being watched.  I told Marley it was time to go home as it was getting dark.  I let her stay outside on our patio.  She started barking.  I went outside and looked around and listened and I heard footsteps in the desert brush around us.  It was dark and I couldn't see much.  We went inside the house.  I turned on the light and kept it on for a long time.  Dan came home and I fell asleep.  I told Dan about it a few days later. 

Last night we heard some screeching from a mountain lion.  We stood in the house listening for sounds.  We could hear it breathing really loud.  It sounded really big.  After awhile it took off and I went to sleep.  I'm going to have the camera ready tonight if it comes back.

Dan is almost done with the solar panels.  We're excited to hook them up and give our house the extra boost of power that it needs.


  1. I don't think I want to be close enough to a mountain lion to hear it breathe...........

  2. Oh, it would be so cool if you could have a web cam outside your house.
    It's funny how we can sense danger ourselves. Awhile back I was walking in the dark and all of a sudden felt strange and moved quickly back to my apt. building. From there, I could see a mountain lion moving parallel to the hill. One even came down into town at one point. Marin County has a lot of free/green land.

  3. I would get one of those motion activated critter cams, and place some water outside with the cam on it. I am sure that at night you would get all kinds of neat images.

    I am going to look into getting one for our RV. When we go camping we always hear and see signs of activity at night.

  4. Adopt one of the wild burros and the mountain lion should stay away. They use burros and dogs as to protect sheep a bunch of places out west.