Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our New Outdoor Solar Shower

The weather here in Terlingua is getting more hot in the afternoons. Dan and I have previously made non permanent showers in the past to clean up and cool down from the heat. Early last fall Dan and I were working on the bathroom floor and shower floor for the main house. We used big stones that we found in the creek. Even though the shower floor in the bathroom is done we still need to put up stones on the walls before it is ready to be used in the main house. So, we were looking through Lloyd Kahn's book Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter for the upteenth time...(we love it. It is like our Bible, we even take it with us when we travel) we came across some ideas that inspired us to use a part of our dry waterfall (next to the secret bedroom) for a nice solar shower. We set up the shower with a 5 gallon home depot bucket with a hose leading out of the bucket connected to a sprinkler( which we are using for the showerhead),with the hose held in a pipe. Gravity does the work for you and the sun heats the water up to a nice hot temperature. We need to figure out more permanent details for the shower. The place for the shower is permanent, but I'm sure we'll tweak everything and figure out a more permanent solution for everything.The dry waterfall continues on down the mountain away from the secret bedroom and on down to what Dan and I call the goat field. We would like to get some goats at some point...maybe a horse too. The two odd pics are rocks I am collecting for the main house shower and the one next to it is the stones we already put in for the main houses shower floor.



  1. Really COOL shower you'll have there GJ!

  2. Been following your blog for a little while now. I love the shower. I assuming this shower/hole was already there and you were able to make some modifications? It looks great.

  3. I love the shower and I love the place.