Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Chapter...New Blog...

You can now read my new blog at   The title is GypsyJess in the Concrete Jungle....hope you enjoy.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

End Of This Chapter....

Dear Readers,

This is the end of this blog and chapter in my life.  This is a personal and private matter please respect my privacy.  I want you to know that I am happy and content.  I am thankful to Dan for all of the wonderful times that we had together and all of the adventures that we had.  I care about him very much.  I will probably start another blog sometime later and will let you know when that time comes.  If you are to take away anything from my blog please note's the little things in life that matter.

I will leave you with a funny story that I was told a few weeks ago by my full blooded Irish Grandma...Eileen Kelly.  It should make you don't want to mess with an Irish woman.

" I was 15 and I was alone waiting to go to school when an older man came up to me.  He suddenly unzipped his zipper and pulled down his pants. He was saying look look.  I started yelling at him and chased him down the street trying to beat him up and hit him with my purse." ---Eileen Kelly

Monday, October 22, 2012

will be writing soon...

I will write soon. sorry for the long silent pause in my blog.  I am busy painting and will post some pics soon.  Jess

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Weather Station and Plants

If anyone knows Dan really well you will find that he loves knowing and watching the weather.  We bought a weather station the other day.  It has multiple functions.  It reads indoor/outdoor temp and humidity, average wind speed, wind gust speed, rain gage, wind direction, barometric pressure, relative and absolute air pressure, inches of mercury, and also shows a tendency which is similar to a forcast based on weather conditions.  The weather station is powered by a solar cell and wirelessly broadcasts to our indoor touch screen digital display.  We combine our weather station with a software program called cumulus.  It stores and graphs a lot more information.  It updates to the internet every second using "rapid fire" technology.  And is compatible with NOAA,, weather underground, weatherbug, and any other weather site.  I have added a gadget to the side of my blog that will allow you to see our current conditions at all times.  By clicking on the weather gadget it will bring you to our weather underground page that includes 10 day local forcasts and other information.  You can also have this weather gadget on your desktop and to do that just click "make this station a sticker" on our weather underground page.
Today we gathered up plants that we like and put them in places where we thought they'd look good. 


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mountain Lion Activity and House Progress

A few nights ago Dan wasn't home and I was out with our dog Marley collecting stone in our arroyo.  I was singing songs and I got a weird feeling that I was being watched.  I told Marley it was time to go home as it was getting dark.  I let her stay outside on our patio.  She started barking.  I went outside and looked around and listened and I heard footsteps in the desert brush around us.  It was dark and I couldn't see much.  We went inside the house.  I turned on the light and kept it on for a long time.  Dan came home and I fell asleep.  I told Dan about it a few days later. 

Last night we heard some screeching from a mountain lion.  We stood in the house listening for sounds.  We could hear it breathing really loud.  It sounded really big.  After awhile it took off and I went to sleep.  I'm going to have the camera ready tonight if it comes back.

Dan is almost done with the solar panels.  We're excited to hook them up and give our house the extra boost of power that it needs.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Power Progress.....

Dan has been working lately on building his solar panels.  This panel is 400 watts.  This is one of three panels that he is building.